AHC is quite accepted antiperspirant in Europe and Japan

Best Seller! AHC Sensitive

Applicable anywhere as you need

Good Reputation

  • A long-selling product : AHC is loved for over 20 years in Europe.
  • It has recorded sales of 100,00 bottles in 3 years In Japan.

Reason of Good Reputation

Applicable anywhere as you need, long durability for 4-7 days!

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Solve your sweat and smell problem by AHC, the Swiss made high quality antiperspirant. Click your problem and see the best products to solve it.

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If you are dissatisfied with current deodorant... the longevity, scent, quick-drying etc., try AHC right now.

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Hyperhidrosis patient

Customer's Voice

"I had a lot of sweat on my armpits and chest, and I was really worried about I would be sweaty smell. I completely eliminated it with AHC." (Male, 60s)

Other Voices

What is different of AHC?

AHC is Effect 4-7days, unisex, hygienic etc An epoch-making antiperspirant that has never been seen before.

Introduced by TV in Japan

Focused in Japanese TV program : 2018/Apr/28 Girl's Happy Style

Introduced by Magazines

Health /  life style magazine:
”Marvelous of its function...!"

Beauty and cosmetic magazine :
" No more make-up spoil by sweat... It's amaging!"

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Bromex for any kind of body odor

Nutric for very sensitive skin