AHC is quite accepted antiperspirant in Europe and Japan

Good Reputation

  • A long-selling product loved for over 20 years in Europe.
  • It has recorded sales of 100,00 bottles in 3 years In Japan.

Introduced by TV in Japan

Focused in Japanese TV program : 2018/Apr/28 Girl's Happy Style

Introduced by Magazines

Health /  life style magazine:
”Marvelous of its function...!"

Beauty and cosmetic magazine :
" No more make-up spoil by sweat... It's amaging!"

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Solve your problem now

Hyperhidrosis patient

Voice from Customer

Good-bye sweat and odor problem by AHC!

Applicable any worrisome parts

AHC Sensitive 30ml

45 USD + shipping fee

Specialized for hands and feet

AHC Forte 30ml

55USD + shipping fee


Affordable Small Kit

AHC Sensitive 2ml x 5packs

8 USD + shipping fee

How to use AHC
Free! 2 pack present

Applicable for anywhere as you need.

Try AHC, of good reputation more than 20 years.


Bromex for any kind of body odor

Applicable for any body odor

Bromex Foamer 50ml

35 USD + shipping fee

Large volume refill

Bromex Foamer Refill 150ml

45 USD + shipping fee


How to use Bromex

Nutric for very sensitive skin

Relaxation lotion for minor itching

Nutric 2 Reactive 30ml

20 USD + shipping fee

How to use Nutric

Revolutionary and functional antiperspirant by Swiss herb Power

Excellency with very small amount
Tighten glands, decrease sweat
Amazing durability, 4-7 days
Selected superior herbs for antiperspirant
Grow in Swiss clean air and water
World No.1 Pharmaceutical technology

AHC, the totally new from conventional products

Swiss made : Safety and reliable
Not spray
Not roll-on
Not leave foreign matters
Non-surface contact, hygienical

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