AHC is quite accepted antiperspirant in Europe and Japan

Good Reputation

  • A long-selling product loved for over 20 years in Europe.
  • It has recorded sales of 100,00 bottles in 3 years In Japan.

Introduced by TV in Japan

Focused in Japanese TV program : 2018/Apr/28 Girl's Happy Style

Introduced by Magazines

Health /  life style magazine:
”Marvelous of its function...!"

Beauty and cosmetic magazine :
" No more make-up spoil by sweat... It's amaging!"

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Common worries by age/gender

Hyperhidrosis patient

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Good-bye sweat and odor problem by AHC!

AHC Sensitive 30ml

Applicable any worrisome parts

45 USD + shipping fee

AHC Forte 30ml

Specialized for hands and feet

55USD + shipping fee


AHC Sensitive 2ml x 5packs

Affordable Small Kit

8 USD + shipping fee

Bromex for any kind of body odor

Bromex Foamer 50ml

Applicable for any body odor

35 USD + shipping fee

Bromex Foamer Refill 150ml

Large volume refill

45 USD + shipping fee


Nutric for very sensitive skin

Nutric 2 Reactive 30ml

Relaxation lotion for minor itching

20 USD + shipping fee

Revolutionary and functional antiperspirant by Swiss herb Power

Excellency with very small amount
Tighten glands, decrease sweat
Amazing durability, 4-7 days
Selected superior herbs for antiperspirant
Grow in Swiss clean air and water
World No.1 Pharmaceutical technology

AHC, the totally new from conventional products

Swiss made : Safety and reliable
Not spray
Not roll-on
Not leave foreign matters
Non-surface contact, hygienical

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